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Floral Design

boho bridal bouquet grass cascading
repurposed architectural elements for wedding pillars sweetheart table

I have always loved arranging flowers for our home and creating interesting tables for our friends and family to look at when we eat and drink together.  Years ago a friend asked us to provide flowers for her wedding at our farm in Stafford.  I eagerly agreed and it was that moment that I was lucky enough to turn my passion for flowers into an event floral business.  

Our designs range from time-honored traditional looks to the unique and unexpected.  I personally meet with each couple to gather ideas on what look and feel they envision.  It could be a casual boho wedding with an arching hand-tied bouquet with grasses, textures and trailing silk ribbons, a colorful spring or summer wedding with lush peonies, stock and cottage garden flowers or a magical rustic woodland theme.  Many of our designs take on a neoclassical feel as we blend traditional and vintage elements with stylized current components.  We custom order specific flowers for each wedding but also source flowers locally whenever possible both from our farm and others.

We strive to turn your dream into reality but are also sensitive to budgets.  As event floral designers we typically provide all or most of the flowers for a wedding.  This usually includes bridal party flowers, an arch/ceremony flowers and other reception flowers.  In some cases clients will provide some of the pieces and even pick up their flowers.  Other weddings require delivery and installation.  We do our best to accommodate each client while working within their budget.  

Every time we unpack flowers for a wedding I take it all in.  I love the flowers...their scent and all of the colors and textures.  I look at them in their buckets and think how fortunate I am to have this as my work.  It doesn't feel like work at all.


I remember bringing an inspiration photo to a florist many years ago when I going to be married.  It was a picture of my grandmother (c. 1918) with a massive bouquet with beautiful trailing ribbons and rosebuds tied to some of the trailing ribbons.  I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw my own bridal bouquet on my wedding day that the floral designer made for me.  It looked just like that incredible bouquet that my grandmother carried.  It was magnificent.  My heart was racing and I could not have felt more special and beautiful.  This is the moment that I work to create for others with our flowers.                                                                                                             



My grandmother Rosalie with her beautiful flowers on her wedding day. (c. 1918)

Grandmothers Wedding Flowers.jpg
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