• Kim Milikowski

Favorite Heirloom Tomato Varieties

There are certain must have tomatoes in our personal garden each year. We grow over 100 varieties of tomato starter plants each year for our garden shop. We have grown all varieties we offer so that we can speak first hand about them. Of these there are a handful that we grow every year. Here are 5 varieties that we love:

1. Persimmon

This large, sweet tomato is a vibrant yellow-orange color and is sweet. The flesh is firm and the plant produces a high yield of these beautiful tomatoes. It was said to have been grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1781. Looks and tastes great on a platter with red or pink tomatoes. Most who have tried it adopt this variety as one of their favorites. Yellow tomatoes are thought to be low acid. They have the same acid as other varieties but have a higher sugar content so they taste sweeter than a red tomato.

2. Marianna’s Peace

My eye is always drawn to this plant in the garden. The large dark pink tomatoes look like a painting. The plant is rare with its lush potato type leaves. The variety was named for Marianne Tibbetts of the Czech Republic. Her family grew these on

their farm there in the early 1900s. While in route to a labor camp in a truck Marianne and a few others jumped from the truck and escaped from the Czech Republic on foot. Through her sister these seeds made their

way to the united States where the variety was named to honor Marianne.

3. Mexico Midget

This delicious 1/2 oz. tomato is grown in Mexico. There are large clusters of these sugary sweet, petite tomatoes. They are one of our go to tomatoes for eating right from the plant. You will have more tomatoes than you know what to do with. Great snacking tomato or to pack in a lunch. We have tried many cherry tomatoes both hybrid and heirloom and this one stands out along with Waimeia Wild Cherry.

4. Polish Tomato

This potato leaf variety produces an abundance of large, beefsteak style tomatoes that are dark pink. It is a Polish market tomato. They are uniform and juicy. Perfect for sandwiches or on a burger. The plant is lush with its large potato leaves. The tomatoes are nearly blemish free and look like a painting.

5. Amish Paste

This is a 12 oz., large and blocky paste tomato from the Amish community in Wisconsin. This large, fleshy and blocky fruit is perfect for processing. We also love to eat this one fresh in salads or sliced on a platter. Would be a good tomato for dehydrating or drying as well.

Every year we add a few new tomato varieties. A complete list of our tomato varieties with notes and detailed information about each type is located at