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2017 Foals

FHF Tinker Toy


Foaled:  October 2, 2017   Height: 19"   Color: Very Dark Brown

We purchased Tink's dam, Toy from Joe and Dayle Hayworth of Half Ass Acres as a bred jennet.  Toy is so small and adorable we couldn't wait to meet this foal.  Tink is a little darker than her mom, but still shows her cross.  We are keeping Tink and look forward to breeding her in the future.

Sire: HHAA Black 'n' Blue, 30.5", Black with Cross 

Dam: HHAA Pull-String Toy, 29", Dark Brown

FHF Wilhelmina


Foaled:  August 17, 2017   Height: 19"   Color: Grey

Little Wilhelmina is a blocky, well put together gray jennet foal that we will be keeping to add to our breeding herd.  She has an interesting black belly, a light nose and garters.  We have been looking for a nice grey jennet to breed for a while and are excited to have such a great little gray jennet foal.

Dam: Gardner's Evangeline S., 31.5", Gray-Dun

FHF Apricot


Foaled:  July 24, 2017   Height: 21"   Color: Light Red

Rosie had a carbon copy of herself.  Apricot is a striking, very light red jennet.  We originally purchased Rosie hoping to breed such a light red to add to our breeding herd.  Apricot will stay at FHF and join the adult jennets in a few years.  

Sire: Wit's End Badlands Maurauder, 30 1/4", Black

Dam:  Donkette Korral Rosewood, 31", Light Red

FHF Otto


 Foaled:  May 11, 2017   Height: 21"   Color: Red

Our 1st foal for the year is a beautiful little boy.   He is the first foal for Blanche.  Otto is so curious and playful.  He will make a great companion and pet.

Sire: Wit's End Badlands Maurauder, 30 1/4", Black

Dam:  FHF Blanche, 30", Light Red

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