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What We Grow

Unique Plants

We grow nearly 100% of our plants in our 4 greenhouses and fields at the farm using all natural methods of propagation.  They are all given the space to grow into healthy plants.  We believe we set our farm apart by offering a unique, sometimes hard to find collection of ultra healthy plants.  

​We decided early on that we would grow a core group of the proven favorites but also curate plants that might be a little hard to find and really stand out.  Plants that make people stop as they walk through your garden and ask, 'What is that cool plant?  It's amazing!'  

unique annual flower
sunny suzy thunbergia


Karl grows the most impressive hanging baskets every year.  They are massive and healthy.  Some are custom combinations made in house.  A few even have trailing Thunbergia and vines.  Care is taken when selecting the combinations to create hanging baskets that will look great for the entire season with minimal extra maintenance.  We grow a great selection of annuals that can be mixed for creating your own window boxes, containers and garden beds.  You will find specialty striped petunias and calibrachoa along with several interesting alternatives for height the center of planters.  We love Thunbergia and vines.  Every year we select many different varieties and grow in both small and larger pots.  We grow both shade loving and full sun options in hanging baskets and individual plants.

heirloom tomatoes in box
peppers in box

Heirloom and Specialty Tomato and Pepper Plants

Wow! 170 varieties of tomato and pepper plants.  If you want interesting tomatoes and peppers, Foster Hill is your farm!  Each year we add a few new choices.  Many are All-America Selections award winners.  Each variety has been grown in our trial gardens.  The plants are offered individually so that you can mix them and not commit to a 6 pack of a variety that might be new to you.  Tomato varieties include all colors, sizes, container suitable choices, heirlooms and a few favorite hybrids.  Peppers include both sweet, hot and specialty varieties.  We grow thousands of plants.  Some of the varieties are rare and the seed is more expensive but all plants are the same price for our customers.  Look through our online store and pre-order or come shop leisurely at the farm and look through all of our tomato and pepper product cards.  It can be a little overwhelming with so many options but we are happy to assist with recommendations too.


We've got the basics, but we also have 80 other interesting and unique herbs.  If it is hard to find, we probably have it.  Lemon Grass, Mojito Mint, Pineapple Sage and Scented Geraniums to name a few.  See our Herb List.  

hard to find herbs
perennial flower plants


Each year we choose different perennials so that you can build your garden with different plants.  In fact we do this with our own gardens with the new plants each year.  We have a few basics but try to offer plants that are a little unique and will stand out.  We have both shade and full sun options.

Vegetable Plants

Our vegetable starter plant varieties are selected based on performance.  We have cold crop vegetables in early May, lettuce bowls, cabbage, onions, broccoli and the like.  Then we seed all of the summer vegetable plants in 3-packs.  You can find just about every vegetable plant you will need for a complete home garden.  

lettuce bowl  vegetable starter plants
miniature donkey foal

Miniature Donkeys

Not grown in our greenhouse, but in the barns and are always happy to see visitors:-)  We have about 40 and foals are born in the spring.

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