Alexander W. Livingston

Pioneer Seedsman and Father of the Modern Day Tomato

The Livingston Tomato Collection

In 2022 we are growing a trial of a rare collection of early heirloom tomato varieties bred by Alexander Livingston of Ohio in the late 1800s.  They were all offered in the Livingston Seed Catalogs like the one pictured here.  Many varieties that are popular today can be traced back to these foundation varieties.

In the early 1800s tomatoes were thought to be poisonous.  By the mid 1800s Europeans began to eat them and as it became known that they were not poisonous Livingston saw an opportunity and began to breed them, introducing a series of tomato varieties.  The first was Livingston's 'Paragon' (1870).  There is a list below of the varieties along with all of our other tomato and pepper trials for 2022.  We are offering a limited supply of these varieties as starter plants at our garden shop in May.  Variety specifications will be updated as we grow these plants.



2022 Tomato and Pepper Trial Varieties