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Aikane's Bombs Go Boom
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Foaled:  10-6-17   Height: 27"   Color: Brown and White Spot

Boomer is one of the smallest donkeys we have with the biggest personality.  He rushes over to see you in the pen and gets downright upset if we dare pet another donkey.  He spends his days keeping the young jennets company, playing with his toys and running around his pasture.  Boomer was awarded 1st Place in NMDA Yearling Geldings at the 2019 The Great Celebration in Shelbyville, TN.  Another Boomer talent is that he makes a little grunting sound like a little piglet when he gets worked up..he is precious!  

Sire: N & D Lonestar Cowboy's Splash, 30", Brown and White Spot

Dam: LN Vuluxina, 31", Black

Half Ass Acres Shawnee Moon


Foaled:  10-29-05   Height: 55 1/2"   Color: Tobiano, Dark Brown and White Spotted

Sire: Hollyfield Magic Maguire

Dam: Sedona

Moon has the tough job of watching over all of the foals and mini donkeys and takes this very seriously:-)  She loves the foals and keeps an eye out for any possible threats to them.  She came from Joe and Dayle Haworth of Half Ass Acres in Tennessee.  Joe gave Dayle this sweet girl as a gift and she was just adored by Dayle.  I have always admired Moon when I visited Dayle and I was so honored that Dayle would entrust me with her beloved Moon.  She has achieved celebrity status at FHF, always a favorite of volunteers and visitors alike.  She bellows at feed time for all to hear.  She is truly a gentle giant...the sweetest most loving donkey.  She is so big yet so careful to be gentle with all who interact with her.  We couldn't love her more.  Thank you Joe and Dayle for allowing us to have her.

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