Foaled: April 17, 2008   Height:  31 1/2"   Color: Dark Red

Karl and I are very happy to have added Drama Queen to our red herd. She has a star on her forehead and very light points. She also has many white hairs throughout her coat. She comes from a line of breeding that often produces white on the face. Her legs are straight and her build is the boxy, muscular type that we love. 

Sire: Windcrest Firefly, 30 ½", Dark Red

Dam:  Pixie of Bell E. Acres, 29 1/2", Brown


Foaled: June 29, 2002   Height:  30 3/4"   Color: Red

We simply fell in love with Glow during a visit to Joe and Dayle Haworth's Half Ass Acres farm in Tennessee. She was not even for sale! I don't know how, but we convinced the Haworths to let us have Glow and add her to our herd. She is just the perfect round, boxy jennet with the sweetest eye, claiming the spot of one of our favorites. She is a proven jennet. We look forward to many years with her and her beautiful foals. 

Sire: Jalan's Carolina Red, 32", Red

Dam:  Sunset Acres Sweet Muffy, 32", Red

Amore Chocolates Mocha
mocha right 3.jpg
mocha head5.jpg
mocha left.jpg

Foaled: June 3, 2013   Height:  31 3/4"    Color: Brown with Light Points

Mocha is very feminine with a beautiful head and interesting leg garters.  We purchased her bred to Fisher's Painted Nebo, small brown and white spotted jack.  She had an adorable little jack foal, FHF Finn in 2020.  We are excited to have added her to our program and look forward to breeding her to our jacks in the future.  She has been exposed to Kryptonite for a late 2021 foal.

Sire: Christmas Cracker Jack, 30", Brown

Dam:  D&D Miss Chocolate, 31", Brown 


Foaled: May 14, 2005   Height:  31"   Color: Light Red

This jennet really stands out in the field with her light red, almost pink coat and dark cross. We often take her to special events. She has the perfect personality for mixing with kids and adults. She is extremely tolerant and sweet.  

Sire:  Short Assets Dakota, 30 1/4", Red/Brown

Dam:  Donkette Korral Cleopatra, 33", Gray


Foaled: October 13, 2007   Height: 32"   Color: Very Dark Brown with Light Points


Mystic has outstanding bloodlines. She is stocky, wide and correct. She definitely gets noticed with her beautiful head. Mystic's first foal was FHF Beatrice, a truly solid black jennet, 19" tall and 19 lbs. at birth.  She has been producing small, correct foals for us.

Sire: My World Winston, 31 1/2", Light Red

Dam:  My World Dory-A-05, 32 ¼", Red


Foaled: 7.17.13    Height: 29"  Color:  Black  NLP

Little Beatrice has the biggest attitude of all of our donkeys.  Don't try petting any other donkey in her pen because she will come in between you and the other donkey so that you need to pet her instead!  She is a true black with no cross and NLP.  Her head is beautiful with long, expressive ears.  

Sire:  Wit's End Badland's Marauder, 30 1/4", Black

Dam:  Flight of Fancy Mystic, 32", Very Dark Brown

foster hill 212-022-19CMD.jpg

Foaled: 2.19.15   Height: 32"   Color: Dark Brown and White Spotted

Paris came to us all the way from Itsy Bitsy Burro Company in Texas as a yearling along side her dam.  She has a wonderfully calm way about her.  Nothing seems to rattle her.  So, we started long lining her and Stacey Radkovitch and Dave Bradham had her hitched to a cart in no time at all.  In 2019 we ventured all the way to the Great Donkey and Mule Celebration in Shelbyville, TN.  Stacey showed her and is pictured above earning Reserve Champion Green.  Paris has had one jack foal with a white spot on his fore head and Amelia in 2020 a beautiful little jennet foal with gray eyes.   

Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Jet Pilot, 30 1/2", Black

Dam:  Short ASSets Party Doll, 32", Brown and White Spotted


Foaled: 10.21.15   Height: 33"   Color: Red

Star is a head turner.  Her coat is shiny and and rich, dark red in the summer.  Her bright white points make her really stand out.  She is correct and broad, bred from a working line of driving stock.  We added Star to our breeding herd to produce a few larger donkeys that would make perfect driving prospects.  She produced a small red carbon copy of herself in 2020 for her first foal, Veronica.  Star is bred to Kryptonite for a 2021 foal.


Sire:  Sunset Acres Radio Flyer, 32 7/8", Dark Red

Dam:  The Elms Twinkle Little Star, 33", Dark Red


Foaled: 6.28.04   Height: 32 1/4"   Color: Brown and White Spotted

Fancy is a correct, big boned jennet with a beautiful head.  She is friendly.  She shares the same sire as Mystic and have very similar body types.  These 2 jennets also have produced some of our finest and smallest foals.


Sire:  My World Winston, 31 1/2", Light Sorrel

Dam:  Windcrest Double Delight, 32", Dark Brown and White Spotted


Foaled: 9.1.04   Height: 32 1/2"   Color: Gray and White Spotted

Jetsplash is a correct, big boned, blocky jennet.  Her adorable 2020 foal was Mabeline, a light gray blocky little jennet.  Jetsplash has been exposed to Kryptonite for a late 2021 foal.


Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Jet Pilot, 30 1/2", Black

Dam:  Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Lordus, 32 1/2", Gray and White Spotted


Foaled: 8.3.16   Height: 30"   Color: Red

Ester has matured to be a beautiful little jennet. She has had one tiny, jennet foal, Scarlett.  We have retained Scarlett for a future brood jennet.  Ester looks a lot like her sturdy dam, Glow.  She is small, but blocky.  


Sire:  Ass-pirin Acres Live Wire, 30 3/4", Red

Dam:  Jalan's Morning Glow, 31", Red

foster hill BKD2-028-19CMD.jpg


Foaled:  5-18-18   Height: 30"   Color: Dark Red

Nelly is a very unique, rich, dark red like her sire.  She was named after Kim's great grandmother.  She has pronounced garters on her legs.  Her body type is blocky like her sire and dam, legs are correct.  Cornelia will be bred for the first time in 2021 to Kryptonite for a 2022 foal.


Sire: Itsy Bitsy Ladies Man, 30", Red

Dam:  HHAA Drama Queen, 31 1/2", Dark Red



Foaled:  3.2.06   Height: 33 1/4"   Color: Gray & White Spotted

We purchased Jade in foal and she had Milton, the handsome jack foal that is pictured above with her.   She is a loving jennet that passes her great personality on to her foals.  


Sire: Ozark Warpaint, 33 1/2", Brown and White Spotted

Dam:  Heavenly Trudy, 34", Gray Dun

evangeline right2.jpg

Foaled: 6.19.09   Height: 31 1/2"   Color: Gray Dun

Evangeline is a beautiful, classic, steel gray jennet with a very blocky body type.  She has a prominent cross and rings around her eyes.  She has had one gray jack foal, William.  William had striking color and garters on his legs.  


Sire:  Gardner's TJ Buford, 29 3/4", Dark Brown

Dam:  Gardner's Charlotte B, 32", Gray Dun

Short Assets Elke
elke right side.jpg

Foaled: January 9, 2008   Height:  32 3/4"   Color: Dark Brown/MSF

We just purchased Elke in 2020.  Love her body type.  We owned one of her siblings but had a hard time getting her in foal so we are happy to have Elke and add her bloodline to our program.  She is exposed to our spotted jack Kryptonite for a 2021 foal.

Sire: Short Assets El Nino, 32", Gray Roan/MSF

Dam:  Double N Texas Babe, 32 1/2", Brown and White Spotted

758's Lucenda
758s-Lucenda left sidejpg.jpg

Foaled: August 7, 2006   Height:  33 1/2"   Color: Red

Lucenda is a stand out jennet with distinctive cross and leg markings.  She has produced several outstanding foals including Coyote Runs Red Ranger, NMDA Best of Breed and Grand Champion Winning Jack.  Lucenda had a failed pregnancy in 2021.  We have not been able to settle her in foal and have decided to offer her as a pet or companion donkey.

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Stars and Stripes, 30 1/2", Dark Red

Dam:  758's Lucy S, 34 1/2", Red


FHF Rosanna



Foaled: 4/23/18  Height:  32 1/4" at 2 years  Color: Light Red

Striking jennet with great conformation and light red coat.  She has a very pretty head and has filled out since theses pictures were taken last summer.  Rosanna is very sweet and easy to work around.  We exposed her for the first time to our spotted jack for a few months this summer but she has not settled in foal as of 9.21.21.  She is offered open.  Her coat is unique as it is light red or pink.  


Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence

Dam:  Lar's Little Cinnamon



FoF Kiowa's Standing Ovation



Foaled: 7/19/09  Height:  30 1/4"   Color: Brown

Striking jennet with great conformation and rich brown color.  Kiwi has interesting garters on her legs and an expressive eye and beautiful head.  Kiwi is offered open and as a pet.  Although she did have 2 beautiful foals for us early on we cannot settle her in foal again and have decided to reduce our herd a bit and offer her for sale.  She is one of the most beautiful donkeys we have had here which makes it hard to let her go.  

Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Front and Center

Dam:  My World Dory-A-05