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Speaking Engagements and Tours

heirloom tomato program

'Heirloom and Specialty Tomatoes  - Growing in Large and Small Spaces'
Program is 1 hour and covers the rich history of heirloom tomatoes and tips on how to have an epic tomato harvest in your own garden.  Tomatoes were once thought to be poisonous and are now one of the most popular plants to grow in home gardens. 
From the basics of growing tomatoes to demystifying terms like open pollinated, hybrid, determinate and indeterminate you will be set up for success.  Favorite varieties are presented including compact varieties that perform well in containers and small spaces.   Environmentally friendly approaches to avoiding and controlling diseases and plant issues are also covered.   The program is available at the farm in Stafford (up to 20 people) or at your location.  If presented at the farm a tour of the greenhouses and specimen plants is included depending on the time of year. 
Foster Hill Farm grows over 140 varieties of heirloom and specialty tomato plants including varieties dating back to the 1800s.  Kim Milikowski curates this program and is the presenter.


Private Group Tours...Great for Garden Clubs, Senior Groups and Special Needs and Youth Groups. 
We host private farm tours that can include any combination of our agricultural products including the donkeys, greenhouses, heirloom tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers and herbs.  The tour can be tailored to the groups' interests and can include a talk as well as a tour.  Groups of up to 20 people of any age can be accommodated.  We ask that children be accompanied by an adult.  The farm has a dirt driveway but has been easy to access with wheelchairs and walkers by visitors.  Tours are by appointment.   


Miniature Donkey Tours and Programs

Group Tours  From grammar school children on a class trip to a group from a senior center to a group of special needs adults or children, most enjoy learning about and meeting the donkeys.  They have an endearing, gentle and curious way about them that integrates them well with any crowd.  We offer group tours of our barns and donkey breeding program.  Visitors will learn a little about donkeys then have the chance to meet our donkeys up close.  We have a dirt driveway but have had many folks in wheel chairs visit with no problem.  Visits are by appointment.   

Donkey Experience  If you would like a more interactive experience we offer private group sessions to learn about, groom and hike with the donkeys.  Each participant is paired up with one of our sweet miniature donkeys.  You can register individually and be included in a small group or register a group of friends and/or family to participate.  Groups are limited to 6 people.  The sessions are 1 1/2 hours.  There is a fee to participate in the Donkey Experience. 
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Please contact Kim at 860.729.6310 or
for more information on either program.

farm tour for miniature donkeys
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