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1. Where do miniature donkeys come from?
They are native to the Mediterranean Islands – Sicily and Sardinia.

2. How tall can miniature donkeys be? 

Miniature donkeys are 36" and under at the withers.

3. How long does a miniature donkey live?
With proper conditions it is not rare for a donkey to live 35-40 years.

4. What is a jack? 
A jack is an unaltered male donkey.

5. What is a jenny or jennet? 
Both terms apply to a female donkey.

6. What is a gelding?
A gelding is a castrated jack. 

7. What is a foal? 
A foal is a term for a baby donkey of either sex.

8. Can miniature donkeys be trained?
Yes. Miniature donkeys are easily trained to pull a cart, carry a pack, and show. Small children can ride them as well.

9. Can I have just one miniature donkey? 
No! Miniature donkeys are very social. They develop strong bonds and should never live a life of solitude. 
A pair is best, but a horse or a pony may also work.

10. How much do miniature donkeys eat? 

Amounts are determined by the individual. Generally 2-3 flakes of hay, 1-2 cups of low protein grain, and free choice of fresh water and salt.


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