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brown miniature donkey foal
red miniature donkey foal with garters on legs

Foster Hill Farm Miniature Donkeys

red miniature donkey foal with small white star

Anyone who has had the chance to spend time with a friendly mini donkey understands how endearing they are.  Karl and I were at a horse show in 2007 and saw a woman walking around carrying a mini donkey foal.  We were hooked immediately.  We quickly learned that you needed two so they had a buddy.  We had our first 2 within weeks and it didn't take long for the number to grow...well, pretty large!  


We started out in the horse world, learning about donkeys along the way.  What started out as a hobby has become a large part of our lives.  We stand several jacks and have developed a breeding program with proven bloodlines from across the US and Canada.  We breed reds, spots, grays and blacks.  


Many visitors comment on how friendly our donkeys are.  They are all handled daily.  We are fortunate to have a terrific group of volunteers who help us socialize our foals and also work with our donkeys.  This is so important if the donkey is going to be in a home where there are children or they are going to be pets.  

All donkeys have open access to their stalls and pastures all day long and receive regular worming, hoof care and vaccinations.  Each animal is micro-chipped and registered.  If you are considering adding a mini donkey or two to your family we encourage you to visit our farm.  We learned so much from other breeders and donkey owners along the way.  Whether you purchase your donkey from Foster Hill Farm or not we welcome visitors and always enjoy talking donkeys:-)  We are open by appointment.  Please call 860.729.6310 to set up an appointment or with any questions about our donkeys.   

                                                                                        - Karl and Kim Milikowski      

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