Donkeys For Sale

  Deposits are now being accepted for 2021 foals.  

We currently have a few adult donkeys available.  Their information is below. 

If you are looking for a guardian please read the information that follows.  Contact Kim at 860.729.6310 for more information or to schedule an appointment to visit the farm.

Gray Squirrel (aka G.Q.)

Foaled: September 23, 2001   Height:  31 1/2"   Color: Gray with Light Points

GQ lived most of his life in one home as a jack.  He sired a few foals.  Now that he is a little older he has been retired from breeding and was recently gelded (7.6.20).  He will need a few months to adjust but will be available to go to a new home soon.  His ideal home would be with another female donkey or a horse.  He has been a perfect gentleman while working on him.

$ 800

DTA's Gracy

Foaled: February 20, 2015   Height:  32 1/4"   Color: Gray 

Gracy is pictured here when she was pregnant.  She is a very sweet donkey, friendly and kind.  She would make a good pet or companion.  Gracy is being offered because she she sadly rejected her foal that was born in 2020.  Her foal is being raised on a bottle and will be fine but Gracy is better suited for life in a pet home.  She gets along great with the other donkeys.

$ 1,800



Foaled:  4.3.10   Height: 29"   Color: Dark Red Frosty Roan

We purchased Rendola in foal.  She gave birth to FHF Isabella, very small black jennet who measures only 28" at 2 years of age.  Her 2020 foal is a petite, vibrant red jennet, FHF Millicent, sired by Itsy Bitsy Ladies' Man.  Rendola had a pronounced cross and a large soft eye.  She is a proven, very small jennet with many years left to produce beautiful foals.  


Sire: MGF Redman, 31 1/2", Red

Dam:  Gardner's Sunbray L, 31", Brown

$ 3,200

Miniature Donkeys as Livestock Guardians

We receive many calls from people looking for a miniature donkey to guard their goats or sheep.  Miniature donkeys are too small for this job.  They only weigh on average 200 lbs. and could be injured or killed by a couple of large dogs or coyotes.  We have a resident mammoth donkey, Moon, who watches over our young donkeys once they have been weaned from their mothers.

There are many opinions about donkeys as guardians.  We have learned that a standard or a mammoth jennet makes the best guardian, but she needs to be trained to do this and should be the only donkey.  It makes sense that if a donkey can kill a coyote, there is a chance it could kill the livestock it is supposed to be guarding so they need to be tested and trained.  Jacks are highly likely to exhibit aggressive behavior towards smaller livestock.  We know of jacks that have killed livestock and we strongly recommend not putting them together.  In fact, jacks should be gelded unless they are actively used in a breeding program.  They live a much happier life and are safer around the barn.

After years of observing donkeys interacting with each other we believe that they need an equine companion.  A single jennet set out in a field of goats might not be as happy as if she were with another donkey.  If we were looking for a guardian for small livestock we would most likely purchase a pair of dogs that were bred for this purpose and not use a donkey at all.