Donkeys For Sale

We have a couple donkeys listed below for sale at this time.  Most of our donkeys are retained for our breeding program.   As donkeys become available they are listed on this page.


 Miniature donkeys are not suitable as guardians.  

Please click here for information on donkeys as guardians.

FHF Everly



Foaled: 4/22/18  Height:  33 1/2" at 2 years  Color: Red

Beautiful dark red jennet with a small star.  She is very friendly and pretty.  Would make a great driving prospect.  She is ready to be bred this year if you are looking to add some dark red to your herd.  She is pictured here at 2 years old. 

Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence

Dam:  758's Miss Patriot



Whisker's Ranch Sassafras
sassy right.jpg
sassy head.jpg
sassy left.jpg

Foaled: August 11, 2008   Height:  32"   Color: Frosted Spotted White

Sassy's name suits her.  She is full of personality and has a terrific blocky body style.  As a foal she was red and white spots but frosted out to a roan.  Sassy has had one jennet foal at FHF, bred to a dark spotted jack.  She is easy to handle and would make a great pet or addition to a breeding program.  She is pictured here in foal last year.

Sire: Wisker's Ranch Josey Wales, Gray and White Spotted

Dam:  D & A Tacy, 33 1/2" Red