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2016 Foals

FHF Hyacinth

Foaled: May 1, 2016   Height: 23"   Color: Light Red

This sweet girl was born the night after our opening day for the garden center!  Karl and I took turns all night checking Rosie.  She finally gave birth at 3:30 am.  Hyacinth is a carbon copy of her mom.  We had always hoped for a light red from Rosie.  She has a very light head and beautiful white inner ears with a dark black trim around the edges.  

Sire: Ass-pirin Acres Live Wire, 30 3/4", Red

Dam:  Donkette Korral Rosewood,  31", Light Red

FHF Eleanor

Foaled: June 16 , 2016   Height: 20"   Color: Dark Brown

This sweet girl was born while I was in Florida helping my friend Allison move.  I was watching the barn camera at 1:30 am and saw Mystic lay down. I called Karl and he went out to the barn for his first solo delivery:-)  Eleanor is the smallest foal we have had to date at 17.6 lbs.  She is just precious and will be going to her new home in Virginia when she is old enough.

Sire: Wit's End Badlands Maurauder, 30 1/4", Black

Dam:  Flight of Fancy Mystic, 32", Very Dark Brown

FHF Madeline

Foaled: June 25 , 2016   Height: 22"   Color: Red

I watched that camera every night.  Saturday morning and we clean the barn.  I look at Drama Queen and she is fine.  I run up to the farmer's market and back in 15 minutes.  Madeline has been born!  Wow..that was fast!  She is a sturdy little girl who looks just like her mother's baby picture.  She has a few white hairs on her forehead and will most likely get more white as she gets older.  

Sire: Ass-pirin Acres Live Wire, 30 3/4", Red

Dam:  HHAA Drama Queen, 31 1/2", Dark Red

FHF Calvin

Foaled: June 27 , 2016   Height: 22"   Color: Dark Red

A boy at last!  Little Calvin was born to Cinderella during business hours at the garden shop!  He will be going to live at a beautiful new home in Suffield, CT.  He is a rugged little man with lots of enery and is very friendly.

Sire: Ass-pirin Acres Live Wire, 30 3/4", Red

Dam:  Ass-pirin Acres Cinderella, 30", Red

FHF Ester

Foaled: August 3, 2016   Height: 21"   Color: Red

Ester has the same blocky shape as her mom.  The sweetest little girl, nice straight legs.  She will make a great addition to our breeding program in a few years:-)  We will be keeping Ester.

Sire: Ass-pirin Acres Live Wire, 30 3/4", Red

Dam:  Jalan's Morning Glow, 30 3/4", Red

FHF Howard

Foaled: September 18, 2016   Height: 21"   Color: Red


Howard is SPUNKY!!!  He was only a day old, alone with his mother and he was racing around so much I had to put them in with the other moms and foals.  Emily got very tired trying to keep tabs on him!  He is the same color as Emily and should stay small.  

Sire: Ass-pirin Acres Live Wire, 30 3/4", Red

Dam:  FHF Emily, 31", Red

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