Foaled: September 10, 2007   Height: 30 1/2"   Color: Black with Light Points

Badlands is a striking, amazing jack. His coat bleaches to a beautiful burgundy tint. His white points accentuate his deep black coat. He has nearly flawless conformation, very stocky with straight legs front and back and he is only 30 1/2" tall. Such correct conformation is hard to find in such a small jack. His head is gorgeous and he has a great attitude. He is a pleasure to be around. Every morning he insists we scratch his haunches when we clean his pen!  He passes this great temperament to his foals.  We are fortunate to have him as one of our herdsires.

Sire:  Sunset Acres Speedway Racer, 32", Dark Brown

Dam:  Sunset Acres Maggie May, 32 1/2", Black


Foaled: 2.20.15   Height: 30"   Color: Dark Red with Light Points

Ladies' Man is a striking very dark red.  He is just starting his career as a junior herdsire here at FHF.  We are thrilled to add Ladies' Man and Gunmetal from Itsy Bitsy Burro Company in Texas to our breeding program.  We wanted to add bloodlines to our herd here in the Northeast from top quality farms in the south and west.  Ladies' Man has matured to a blocky body type like his father.  

Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Blazing Samson, Dark Red

Dam:  Prarie Brae Ayla, 33 1/2", Red

Donkette Korral Kryptonite

Foaled: 7.12.12   Height: 30 1/2"   Color: Black and White Spotted

Thanks to Joe and Dayle Haworth of Half Ass Acres in Chapel Hill, TN for allowing us to add Kryptonite to our breeding program.  He is a special donkey.  Such an easy going personality and striking color.  I love his masculine broad head and unusual coat pattern.  He has been bred to 5 of our jennets for 2021 foals and we can't wait to meet his foals.  Photo credit to Keith and Dan Rathbun of Castlewood Farm.  Thank you!

Sire: Donkette Korral Bandit, 30 1/2", Brown and White Spot

Dam:  Lazy H Donkette Korral Cocoa, 30 3/4", Black 

ITSY BITSY GUNMETAL (for reference only)

Foaled: 3.6.15   Height: 30"   Color: Gray-Dun with Light Points

We decided to take a chance and add a gray jack to the mix!  Gunner has beautiful garters and is a dark steel gray color with light points.  He is blocky and has nice straight legs.  He is friendly and easy to be around.  We bred Gunner to Beatrice and Glow to get him started as a herdsire for 2018 foals.  Will be interesting to see if the gray and garters pass down.  Beatrice is black, NLP and glow is red and very blocky. 

Sire:  Low-Down's Painted Czar, Very Dark Brown and White Spotted

Dam:  Itsy Bitsy Derby Sonbonnet, Gray-Dun

ASS-PIRIN ACRES LIVE WIRE (for reference only)

Foaled: July 11, 2009   Height: 30 3/4"   Color: Red with Light Points

Sire:   LN Rising Sun, 30", Light Red

Dam:  JC’s Exotic Liberty Lady, 31 1/2", Gray Dun