New for 2022

Stacey's Hangers

Last summer we held a wedding at the farm for our dear friends, Stacey and Tyler Lackman.  We grew special, gi-normous hangers that were used in the tent and around the farm.  We had these hangers in a back greenhouse and there were so many people who asked to buy them that we decided to grow the same custom combination this year.  They include Proven Winners 'Bermuda Beach' petunia, 'Tropical Sunrise' calibrachoa, white verbena and lots of trailing white thunbergia.  Photos by: Heather Hudson


We experimented with this plant last year.  It does well in a hanging basket and attracts hummingbirds.  WOW!  My sister-in-law, Paula, grew this plant on the right.  It was in a spot that got mostly sun but some shade in the afternoon.  It is a beauty and we will have them available this year.  


Many varieties that we add are at the request of customers.  This year we added Chocolate Sprinkles (right) for Karen and Woody.  It will be the first year in our trial garden but comes highly recommended.  It is a grape shaped dark pinky-purple with green stripes.  

Pruden's Purple was requested by several customers so we added this heirloom variety too.  


I love to try any tomato that tomato expert Craig LeHoullier recommends.  We finally added Ferris Wheel which was first introduced in the John A. Salzer Seed Co. catalog in 1894.  It was marketed as a giant tomato...big like a Ferris wheel and was used in commercial production.  We will photograph it once we have grown it this year.  For now we have the picture on the seed catalog:-).

large hanging baskets in wedding decor
peach pink and white june wedding bridal bouquet cascading
hummingbird attracting hanging basket plant
Lofospermum Compact Rose_edited.jpg
chocolate sprinkles grape tomato
Ferris wheel salzer catalog.jpg


The most interesting addition this year is Pimiento De Padron.  The seed was given to us by Val and Rick Gagnon of Stafford, CT.  The pepper is overall very mild but every so often there will be a pepper with heat.  They are best when prepared in oil and then sprinkled with sea salt.  Great choice to serve with tapas which don't generally have many vegetables in them.


We have added our eggplant starter plants to our pre-order site.  There are a few favorite heirlooms and hybrids.  Images to follow.  Rosita is a favorite of ours.


We are expanding our herb program this year offering herb planter events and herb programs at the farm.  

Corporate Wellness Program with Herbs.  Employees learn about cooking healthy with herbs then choose 3 herbs to plant in a container to take home.  Great way to show teams how much they are appreciated. Some healthcare plans reimburse for this program. These events can be held at the farm or at the company location.

pimiento de padron pepper
fairy tale eggplant purple and whit striped eggplant
herbs in aged french tin

Gardening for Pollinators

Our ecosystem relies on bees, butterflies and birds to pollinate plants.  With the increased use of pesticides and more limited habitants due to development pollinator populations are on the decline.  Pollinators impact everything from our food supply to lumber for construction.  

We can each do our part by adding plants that are native, non-invasive pollinator attracting plants to to our gardens and landscapes.  We are hosting a free program on Gardening for Pollinators on April 18th with Margery Winters of the Roaring Brook Nature Center.


We are featuring American Beauties and other pollinator attracting plants at the shop.

bee on lavender.jpg