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New for 2024

'Supertunia Persimmon'

Vibrant new variety from Proven Winners.  Use in containers, hanging baskets or at the front edge of garden beds.  Spectacular on its own or with yellow and white mixed material.  Photo: Proven Winners.



All of the new tomato varieties we added this year to our customers we will be growing in our trial gardens.  Many are suitable for containers.  We are excited to offer all of the varieties from the 'Patio Gardener Tomato Seed Collection' from TomatoFest.  So many people prefer the smaller, more manageable plants. 


Zenzei was also added, a 2023 All America Selections winner.  It is a large red paste tomato.  We are always in pursuit of the best paste tomato and are happy to give Zenzei a go in our trials.  We like the past tomatoes for their size and meatiness for caprese salad.  Perfect little bites!  Photo: AAS



We added a few new peppers but our favorite for maybe obvious reasons is 'Wicked Ass Little 7 Pot'.  It is a must for our HOT pepper loving customers.  It is an extremely HOT pepper that is a cross of 7 Pot Jonah and Scorpion Butch T by Butch Taylor. Sturdy plants, bright red peppers, bumpy texture, wrinkly skin. Matures light green to red. 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 SHU Photo: Pepper Joe's



We have added Chervil, also known as French Parsley. With a subtle flavor and delicate structure, chervil is primarily known for its faint flavor of anise or licorice.  

Another interesting addition to the line up is Echalion Creme Brulee.  This shallot variety is prized by chefs for its rich flavor when carmelized.

Other new additions are Black Currant Mint, Goodwin Creek Lavender, Sensational Lavender, Spearmint, Nigella Black Cumin, Rosemary Gorizia, Rosemary Iguano and Snowdrift Thyme.

herbs in aged french tin

Gardening for Pollinators

Our ecosystem relies on bees, butterflies and birds to pollinate plants.  With the increased use of pesticides and more limited habitants due to development pollinator populations are on the decline.  Pollinators impact everything from our food supply to lumber for construction.  

We can each do our part by adding plants that are native, non-invasive pollinator attracting plants to to our gardens and landscapes.  


We are featuring American Beauties and other pollinator attracting plants at the shop.  New selections will be available when the shop opens.

bee on lavender.jpg
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