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How To Use Tomato Clips

Tomato clips make tomato plant management simple. Gone are the days of cutting up string to tie up the plants. We love the clips because they can be cleaned and used year over year so they are good for the planet too.

Tomato clips are used by commercial growers in greenhouses with a string support system that is connected to the rafters of the greenhouse. We have devised a way to use them with our tomatoes that are grown in pots and also those planted directly in the ground outside.

Here is a link to a video that shows how we use the clips:

We use a heavy weight T-Post that is available at farm and garden stores. Then wrap a piece of string around it. Trim all of the leaves off of the tomato plant that touch the ground. Then clip the main stalk to the string that is wrapped around the post. Keep adding clips as the plant grows.

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