Future Brood Jennets

FHF Adelma
adelma right 1 yo.jpg
adelma left 1 yo.jpg


Foaled:  7/27/19  Height:  27 3/4" at 1 year  Color: Red

Adelma is out of HHAA Drama Queen who is an example of the conformation we are looking for in our breeding program.  A strong and blocky build with a feminine head.  Adelma was awarded Champion Junior Jennet and NMDA Grand Champion Junior Jennet at the 2021 Music City Show in Tennessee.  We are excited to breed her in 2022 and continue to show her.


Sire: Itsy Bitsy Ladies' Man, 30", Red

Dam:  HHAA Drama Queen, 31 1/2", Light Red

FHF Bernadette
bernadette right 1 yo.jpg
bernadette left 1 yo.jpg


Foaled:  8/9/19   Height:  29 1/4" at 1 year Color: Red

Bernie is an interesting color somewhere between dark red and nutmeg.  Her dam is one of the heaviest boned jennets that we have.  Her legs are correct and she has a deep hip and round hind end.  


Sire: Itsy Bitsy Ladies' Man, 30", Dark Red

Dam:  Jalan's Morning Glow, 30 3/4", Light Red

FHF Scarlett
scarlett right 1.jpg
scarlett left 3.jpg


Foaled:  6/7/19  Height:  30" at 3 year     Color: Red

Scarlett was a first foal for Ester.  She is a brilliant dark red.  Looking forward to breeding her in 2022.


Sire: Itsy Bitsy Ladies' Man, 30", Dark Red

Dam:  FHF Ester, 31 1/4", Red

Legendary's Delta Dawn
dee dee right.jpg
dee dee head.jpg
dee dee left.jpg



Foaled: 3/11/19  Height: 31" at 1 year  Color: Dark Brown

Adorable Dee Dee is the greeter in any pen she is in.  Dee Dee was purchased as a yearling from Katrina and Dick Fleener of Legendary Farm in TN.  She is a beautiful and blocky jennet with great legs.  Dee Dee will be bred in 2022.

Sire: Sunset Acres Black Derby, 32 1/2", Black

Dam:  Legendary's Oh Pretty Woman, 31 3/4", Dark Brown