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Li'l Angel Marquise
marquise head.jpg
marquise right side.jpg

Foaled: September 12, 2008   Height:  32 1/2"   Color: Dark Gray 

Marquise is such a beautiful classic gray donkey.  She is built like a little quarter horse and has a beautiful eye and head.  She has a very calm disposition and would make a wonderful driving prospect.  We could not settle Marquise into foal so we are selling her as a pet.  She gets along with all of the donkeys and has perfect ground manners.

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Mr. Playbill, 31 1/2", Black

Dam:  Li'l Angels Esther, 33", Dark Gray

SOLD  -Headed to Woodstock, CT

Gray Squirrel (aka G.Q. and Bradley:-))
squirrel right.jpg
squirrel head.jpg
Squirrel left.jpg

Foaled: September 23, 2001   Height:  31 1/2"   Color: Gray with Light Points

GQ came to live with us in early 2020 and is quite a handsome fellow.  He lived most of his life in one home as a jack.  He sired a few foals.  In order to live out his years in a pet home it was necessary to have him gelded which we had done in July of 2020.  He has great ground manners and is adjusting wonderfully to his new life as a gelding.  GQ is currently in a pen with a mammoth female jennet and a miniature donkey gelding.  His ideal home would be with a gelded donkey(s) of any size or a gelded horse(s).  He has been a perfect gentleman while working on him.  Stands for his feet to be picked/trimmed and grooming.  He has gone for hikes on trails with us and a group of donkeys.  Comes right up in the pasture and stands for his halter to be put on him.  Looking for that perfect home for him where he will be adored and will receive the attention he so much wants.  

SOLD - Went to Lebanon, CT 

DTA's Gracy
gracy right.jpg
gracy left.jpg

Foaled: February 20, 2015   Height:  32 1/4"   Color: Gray 

Gracy is pictured here when she was pregnant.  She is a very sweet donkey, friendly and kind.  She would make a good pet or companion.  Gracy is being offered because she she sadly rejected her foal that was born in 2020.  Her foal is being raised on a bottle and will be fine but Gracy is better suited for life in a pet home.  She gets along great with the other donkeys.


Went to Middlebury, CT

sophie right .jpg
sophie left.jpg

Foaled: July 6, 2000   Height:  32 1/2"   Color:  Gray with Light Points


Sophie is a sweet mature jennet.  Before she came to us she had several foals and is now seeking a home where she can be a companion to another donkey or a horse.  She is easy to handle and was in the same home for 16 years.  She would love to find a home with her son and daughter, Sparkler and Stella, but will buddy up with another friend if that is not possible.  She was registered but is offered without papers as she is getting to be too old to breed.  She is healthy and has many good years left.

SOLD - Moved to Grafton, MA

sparkler right2.jpg
sparkler left.jpg

Foaled: July 4, 2005   Height:  33 3/4"   Color: Brown with Light Points

Sparkler was born on Independence Day.  He is a friendly gelding with a rich brown color and a blocky build.  He lived in the same place for all 15 years of his life with his mother (Sophie) and sister (Stella).  He would love to go to a new home with his mother and/or sister if possible.  Sparkler could go by himself to a home where he will have another donkey or a horse as a companion.  He has been getting a little extra work on picking up his feet and has been doing great.  He is teachable and will make a great pet.

SOLD - Moved to Grafton, MA

stella right.jpg
stella left.jpg

Foaled: August 22, 2010  Height:  32 1/2"   Color: Light Gray with Light Points


Stella Is a a striking light gray jennet.  She spent her whole life with her mother (Sophie) and brother (Sparkler).  She would love to go to a new home with her mother and/or brother if possible.  If not she will adjust and make a great companion for another donkey or a horse.  She is kind but has not had much ground training.  We are working on patience being tied and picking up feet and it is going great.   She is up to date on shots and worming.

SOLD - Moved to Grafton, MA

MGF Opalene R930

Foaled: May 13, 2009  Height:  33"   Color: Gray and White Spot

Opalene is a sweet jennet that would make a wonderful pet or companion donkey.  She is being offered in foal to Fisher's Painted Nebo, 30 1/2" Dark Brown and White spotted jack.  We expect her to foal in the Fall of 2020.  Opalene is offered without registration papers as there was an error on hers.  She could go to her new home now so long as there is a companion for her.  If not we will be happy to keep her at Foster Hill until she gives birth.  The pair could then go to their new home after a few weeks.  We include a live foal guarantee.  Please contact us for details.

 Sold - Moved to Rockport, Maine with her 2020 foal Luther:-)

Blanche left 2020.jpg

Foaled: June 26, 2012   Height:  32 1/2"    Color: Light Red

I love Blanche's light red coat and sweet disposition.  She has a large, expressive eye.  Blanche befriends all of the new foals in the pasture. Blanche had FHF Otto, red jack foal born in May 2017 and another red jack foal, FHF Winslow in 2019.

Sire: Ass-pirin Acres Live Wire, Red

Dam:  LMS Ginger, 33", Gray 

Sold with her 2020 foal, Ezekiel. 

Moved to Woodstock, CT

Ashton Plum Creek Rose
rose right4.jpg
rose head.jpg
rose left 3.jpg

Foaled: August 18, 2002  Height:  31 1/2"   Color: Red

Rose is a compact donkey with the blocky body style we look for.  Rose had FHF Ivy, brown jennet foal with a star this year.  Rose will be moving to MA next year.

Sire: Mogensen's Rockbridge Dale, 33", Dark Brown and White Spotted

Dam:  Dillow Farm's Gwenovere, 35", Gray-Dun


SOLD - Moving to Dunstable, MA in 2021

Sarah - Large Standard

Foaled: 2007   Height:  52"   Color: Black

Sarah came to us in 2019.  She had been living with 2 mini donkeys and a few goats.  While the mini donkeys were a little overweight Sarah needed to add a few pounds.  She stayed over the winter and gained some weight.  She has proven to be polite on the ground and gets along great with donkeys of all ages and sizes.  She is not registered but could be.  Her coat is a striking, shiny black.  Sarah would make a great companion animal or perhaps teach her to drive or ride.

SOLD - Moved to Oxford, CT

GM Conrad's Audrey
Audrey right2.jpg
Audrey head.jpg
audrey left 7.jpg

Foaled: August 1, 2006   Height:  33 1/4"   Color: Gray and White Spotted

Audrey is a friendly jennet with a bold coat pattern.  She produced a spotted jack foal, Archibald in 2020.  Audrey and Archie have been sold and will be going to a new home in CT.

Sire: Tri Lakes Exotics Little Tri, 32", Gray and White Spotted

Dam:  Tri Lakes Exotics Audrey

SOLD - Moved to Oxford, CT with her 2020 foal Archie:-)

FHF Isabella
isabelle 2 yo right.jpg
isabelle 2 yo left 2.jpg


Foaled: 10/8/18  Height:  28" at 2 years  Color: Very Dark Brown

Isabella is extremely small and has an expressive eye.  If Isabella matures to a height suitable for breeding she will be bred to Kryptonite in 2021.


Sire: GP Tiny Twitter, 27", Black

Dam:  Gardner's Rendola Lee, 29", Red

FHF Rosanna



Foaled: 4/23/18  Height:  32 1/4" at 2 years  Color: Light Red with MSF

Striking jennet with great conformation and light red coat.  She has a very pretty head and has filled out since theses pictures were taken last summer.  Her coat is unique as it is light red or pink.


Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence

Dam:  Lar's Little Cinnamon

Sold - Headed to NY


hot gossip right mature.jpg
hot gossip left mature.jpg

Foaled: 12.2.13   Height: 31"   Color: Black

Hot Gossip is pitch black with expressive eyes and eye rings.  Hot Gossip was shy when she arrived at FHF but is now one of the first donkeys to come up to you in the pasture.  Her pedigree goes back to MGF Future Link and Circle C Main Event.  Hot gossip is bred to Kryptonite for a 2021 foal.

Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Front and Center, 31 1/4", Black with Cross

Dam:  Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Lordus, 32 1/2", Gray & White Spotted

Sold - Moving to NY

Cyder's TT Blaze
blaze right 2.jpg
blaze left .jpg

Foaled: August 25, 2004   Height:  34"   Color: Brown/MSF

Blaze is a sweet jennet.   We are excited to have Cyder's breeding added to our program.

Sire: Fisher's Tiny Tim, 30", Brown

Dam:  Teddy's Treasure Harriet, 33", Dark Gray

Sold- headed to NY



Foaled:  4.3.10   Height: 29"   Color: Dark Red Frosty Roan

We purchased Rendola in foal.  She gave birth to FHF Isabella, very small black jennet who measures only 28" at 2 years of age.  Her 2020 foal is a petite, vibrant red jennet, FHF Millicent, sired by Itsy Bitsy Ladies' Man.  Rendola had a pronounced cross and a large soft eye.  She is a proven, very small jennet with many years left to produce beautiful foals.  She is offered open.


Sire: MGF Redman, 31 1/2", Red

Dam:  Gardner's Sunbray L, 31", Brown

Sold - headed to NY

FHF Rosanna



Foaled: 4/23/18  Height:  32 1/4" at 2 years  Color: Light Red with MSF

Striking jennet with great conformation and light red coat.  She has a very pretty head and has filled out since theses pictures were taken last summer.  Her coat is unique as it is light red or pink.


Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence

Dam:  Lar's Little Cinnamon

Sold - Headed to NY


Whisker's Ranch Sassafras
sassy right.jpg
sassy head.jpg
sassy left.jpg

Foaled: August 11, 2008   Height:  32"   Color: Frosted Spotted White

Sassy's name suits her.  She is full of personality and has a terrific blocky body style.  As a foal she was red and white spots but frosted out to a roan.  Sassy has had one jennet foal at FHF, bred to a dark spotted jack.  She is easy to handle and would make a great pet or addition to a breeding program.  She is pictured here in foal last year.

Sire: Wisker's Ranch Josey Wales, Gray and White Spotted

Dam:  D & A Tacy, 33 1/2" Red 


FHF Everly



Foaled: 4/22/18  Height:  33 1/2" at 2 years  Color: Red

Beautiful dark red jennet with a small star.  She is very friendly and pretty.  Would make a great driving prospect.  She is ready to be bred this year if you are looking to add some dark red to your herd.  She is pictured here at 2 years old. 

Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence

Dam:  758's Miss Patriot



Donkey Tonk Acres Black Diamond
diamond right.jpg
diamond left.jpg

Foaled: April 4, 2013   Height:  30 3/4"   Color: Black, NLP

Adorable little Diamond had her first foal, Dante, with us in 2020.  These pictures are a couple weeks after her body clip but she is a true black with a refined and feminine head.  

Sire: Pucci's Boston Blackie, 31 1/2", NLP

Dam:  DTA's Dinky Daphne, 32", Gray Dun, NLP 

For Sale: $3,600


FHF Rosanna



Foaled: 4/23/18  Height:  32 1/4" at 2 years  Color: Light Red

Striking jennet with great conformation and light red coat.  She has a very pretty head and has filled out since theses pictures were taken last summer.  Rosanna is very sweet and easy to work around.  We exposed her for the first time to our spotted jack for a few months this summer but she has not settled in foal as of 9.21.21.  She is offered open.  Her coat is unique as it is light red or pink.  


Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence

Dam:  Lar's Little Cinnamon



Short Assets Elke
elke right side.jpg

Foaled: January 9, 2008   Height:  32 3/4"   Color: Dark Brown

Elke is a sweet jennet with a blocky body type. She produced a gray and white spotted jack foal, Elliott, by Kryptonite in 2021.   We have decided to lower our number of donkeys and offer Elke for sale.  She is very kind and would make a great pet/companion and would also be suitable for breeding.

Sire: Short Assets El Nino, 32", Gray Roan/MSF

Dam:  Double N Texas Babe, 32 1/2", Brown and White Spotted

Sold!  Moving to Tennessee.  $2,500 plus 250 shipping

foster hill 220-025-19CMD.jpg

Foaled: 10.21.15   Height: 33"   Color: Red


Star is a head turner.  Her coat is shiny and and rich, dark red in the summer.  Her bright white points and belly make her really stand out.  She is correct and broad, bred from a working line of driving stock.  She produced a small red carbon copy of herself in 2020 for her first foal, Veronica.  She had a spotted jennet foal, FHF Star Struck (Bridgette), by Kryptonite in 2021.  Bridgette has been retained for breeding so we are offering Star (exposed to Kryptonite in 2022) for sale.  She has a sweeping long stride and would make a good driving prospect or an outstanding addition to your breeding herd.  

Sire:  Sunset Acres Radio Flyer, 32 7/8", Dark Red

Dam:  The Elms Twinkle Little Star, 33", Dark Red

SOLD - Moving to South Carolina


carbon copy right 2.jpg
carbon copy left .jpg

Foaled: 7.7.22      Color: Black No Light Points


Beatrice gave birth to a perfect carbon copy of herself!  'C-C', a jennet foal, is truly a solid black with no visible cross and NLP.  Her legs are straight and her build is blocky.  Beatrice is a farm favorite with a personality that is larger than life.  No doubt her little girl will have the same great personality.  She should be ready to go to her new home in Nov/Dec of 2022.  She will make an outstanding breeding jennet and/or a loving family pet.

Sire:  Donkette Korral Kryptonite, Black and White Spotted, 30 1/2"

Dam:  FHF Beatrice, Black, NLP, 30"

SOLD - Moving to South Carolina


Priscilla right 20.jpg
Priscilla left 2.jpg

Foaled: 7.1.22   Color: Red


Priscilla is a brilliant red jennet foal that would be suitable for a breeding program or a pet home.  She is by our striking red jack, Itsy Bitsy Ladies' Man who has sired FHF Adelma, Champion Junior Jennet and NMDA Grand Champion Junior Jennet and FHF Cornelia, NMDA Grand Champion Jennet and High Point Green Donkey at the 2021 Music City.  Priscilla 

Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Ladies' Man, Red, 30"

Dam:  Flight of Fancy Seventh Heaven, Brown & White Spotted, 32 1/4"

Sold-moving to South Carolina


pearl left 1.jpg

Foaled: 3.30.21  Color: Brown *MSF


Pearl is a friendly donkey that would make a perfect pet.  She is confident and gets along with all of the donkeys.  She always comes up for attention when we go in her pen.  She has prominent garters on her leg and a bold cross.  Her full sister, FHF Iris, was just born in 2022 and we decided to keep Iris and offer Pearl for sale.

Sire:  Donkette Korral Kryptonite, Black & White Spotted, 30 1/2"

Dam:  FHF Ester, Red/Gray-Dun, 31 1/4"

$3,800-Mike and Linda

bridgette right cropped.jpg

Foaled: 8.7.21  Color: Red & White Spotted


'Bridgette' is offered as a pet.  She has a wonderful personality and a rare color of red with white spots.  We retained her to use in our breeding program but as she grew we realized her conformation is not a good fit for our breeding program.  She is completely sound and healthy.  She just had a growth spurt so we have been feeding her extra grain as she is a little under weight at the moment.  She would make a wonderful pet or companion.  She is very gentle. 

$1,800-Mike and Linda

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