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Li'l Angel Marquise
marquise head.jpg
marquise right side.jpg

Foaled: September 12, 2008   Height:  32 1/2"   Color: Dark Gray 

Marquise is such a beautiful classic gray donkey.  She is built like a little quarter horse and has a beautiful eye and head.  She has a very calm disposition and would make a wonderful driving prospect.  We could not settle Marquise into foal so we are selling her as a pet.  She gets along with all of the donkeys and has perfect ground manners.

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Mr. Playbill, 31 1/2", Black

Dam:  Li'l Angels Esther, 33", Dark Gray

SOLD  -Headed to Woodstock, CT

FHF Everly



Foaled: 4/22/18  Height:  33 1/2" at 2 years  Color: Red

Beautiful dark red jennet with a small star.  She is very friendly and pretty.  Would make a great driving prospect.  She is ready to be bred this year if you are looking to add some dark red to your herd.

Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence

Dam:  758's Miss Patriot





Foaled:  4.3.10   Height: 29"   Color: Dark Red Frosty Roan

We purchased Rendola in foal.  She gave birth to FHF Isabella, very small black jennet who measures only 28" at 2 years of age.  Her 2020 foal is a petite, vibrant red jennet, FHF Millicent, sired by Itsy Bitsy Ladies' Man.  Rendola had a pronounced cross and a large soft eye.  She is a proven, very small jennet with many years left to produce beautiful foals.  She is offered open.


Sire: MGF Redman, 31 1/2", Red

Dam:  Gardner's Sunbray L, 31", Brown


FHF Rosanna



Foaled: 4/23/18  Height:  32 1/4" at 2 years  Color: Light Red with MSF

Striking jennet with great conformation and light red coat.  We were going to breed Rosanna in 2021 for the first time but have decided to reduce the number of red jennets we have.  She has a very pretty head and has filled out since theses pictures were taken last summer.  Her coat is unique as it is light red or pink.


Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence

Dam:  Lar's Little Cinnamon




Foaled: May 13, 2009  Height:  33"   Color: Gray and White Spot

We are listing Opalene for a friend.  She is currently located in Rockport, Maine and is looking for a home as a companion donkey.  She is healthy and sound, up to date on all vaccines, worming and healthcare.  Good home a must.  


Tuffy - Paint Gelding

Foaled: 1998  Height:  15 HH   Color:  Black and White Spot

Decorated Tuff 'Tuffy' is looking for a companion/pet home.  He is healthy and sound, up to date on all of his vaccines and worming.  His feet are great.  Tuffy has been ridden years ago but would need to be worked to bring him back.  He gets along with our donkeys and has been with other horses too.  He is a sweet horse and a good home is a must.    Price is negotiable.  The right home is most important.

apricot right mature.jpg
apricot left.jpg


Foaled:  July 24, 2017   Height: 34"   Color: Light Red

Rosie had a carbon copy of herself.  Apricot is a striking, very light red jennet.  We originally purchased Rosie hoping to breed such a light red jennet to add to our breeding program.  She is pictured above at Equine Affaire with panniers and a pack saddle at 2 years of age.  She had a growth spurt and has a graceful, long stride.  We are going to start her for driving soon.

Sire: Wit's End Badlands Marauder, 30 1/4", Black

Dam:  Donkette Korral Rosewood, 31", Light Red


Foaled: 6.15.03   Height: 33 1/2"   Color: Red

Sweet Ayla is one of our larger jennets but gave birth to Ladies' Man, one of our jacks who is very small and compact.  Although both of her parents were dark brown she had red behind them and is a beautiful red.  

Sire:  Circle C Bear Essential, 32 1/2", Dark Brown

Dam:  Prarie Brae Niki, 32", Dark Brown

758's Lucenda
758s-Lucenda left sidejpg.jpg

Foaled: August 7, 2006   Height:  33 1/2"   Color: Red

Lucenda is a stand out jennet with distinctive cross and leg markings.  She has produced several outstanding foals including Coyote Runs Red Ranger, NMDA Best of Breed and Grand Champion Winning Jack.   Lucenda had a failed pregnancy in 2021.  We have not been able to settle her in foal and have decided to offer her as a pet or companion donkey.  

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Stars and Stripes, 30 1/2", Dark Red

Dam:  758's Lucy S, 34 1/2", Red


FoF Kiowa's Standing Ovation



Foaled: 7/19/09  Height:  30 1/4"   Color: Brown

Striking jennet with great conformation and rich brown color.  Kiwi has interesting garters on her legs and an expressive eye and beautiful head.    

Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Front and Center

Dam:  My World Dory-A-05


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