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Tomato and Pepper Plants

4+ plants - $4.00 ea.,  18+ plants - $3.75 ea. (9 plant min. for pre-orders)  Pre-orders are for pick-up only at our farm in Stafford, CT in May.  Shipping is not available.

'Nebraska Wedding'

Heirloom Tomato
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Product Details
Fruit Production: Determinate
Fruit Size: 8-20 oz.
Plant Height: 3-5'
Plant Width: 2-3'
Fruit Color: Orange
Leaf Type: Regular
Seed Type: Open Pollinated
Fruit Shape: Oblate
Light: 6+ hours/day
Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum
Days to Maturity: 90
Flavor: Balanced

Nearly blemish free apricot orange fruit. Variety originated in western Nebraska in the 1800s. Family members and friends would often give these tomatoes to newlyweds to start their new farm life together. Interesting variety that is determinate but we harvested fruit from our trial plant for a couple months. Disease resistant plant. Tomatoes were brilliant orange, firm, prolific and tasted great. They stayed firm on the plant longer than than others with a long shelf life once harvested. Photos: Foster Hill Farm

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